Cash in the Attic are looking for people in the Caerphilly area to take part.

25 May, 2022
We’re contacting town and community councils, and anyone with links to local residents, such as yourself, to help us get the word out, should anyone locally wish to be involved.
I’d be ever so grateful if you could pop the attached digital poster on your social media pages if you have them, as well as newsletters or your website. It’s also printable, so if you have a noticeboard I’d be so thankful if you could pop one on there too.
If you’d like me to send a few flyers or additional posters to you in the post for you to distribute in your local area, do let me know and I’ll arrange it.
Just a quick reminder, Cash in the Attic was a long-running popular daytime series on BBC. It’s now being reinvented for Channel 5 with Jules Hudson and football legend Chris Kamara at the helm, but the premise is the same. We’re after people with loads of stuff in their homes that they’d be interested in selling at auction, in order to raise a bit of money for a holiday, a wedding – or even just so they can do up their home. At a time when everyone’s feeling the pinch, we’re really hoping the new series will be able to help people out.
If you have any questions, do feel free to contact us on our Cash in the Attic hotline, 07704 600331 or send an email to

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