Darran Valley Precept Decisions


Council will not be increasing its precept in 2022 – this will remain at £12,980.


Council will not be increasing its precept in 2021 – this will remain at £12,980.

Council understand the financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on local communities.


Council had to make the decision to increase it’s Precept by 4.01% to £12,980.   This small increase is derived chiefly from Council’s setting of a draft budget on January 23rd. After a number of years without increase, Council has eaten into its previously healthy carry forward position through a combination of inflationary increases in costs to Council, coupled with Council extending its expenditure to include additional outlay ie the summer scheme. Previous years having been funded by granting from the Big Lottery and High Sheriffs fund (Gwent). Without increasing the precept, Council runs the risk of moving nearer to a zero/deficit position.